Hey, I'm Dominik Gotojuch. I write and design. Usually for video games.

I'm the founder and creative director at Robot Gentleman, the independent games studio that brought you 60 Seconds!, 60 Parsecs!, and game developers in top hats. Before going independent I did AI programming for Fable III and Witcher 3.

What is my plan for life, the universe, and everything? Keep on creating. I intend to continue doing it for as long, as my supply of weird ideas, and the energy to execute them, last.

If for some inexplicable reason you wish to follow my struggles with time, humanity, and the world at large in pursuit of my creative goals - I will occasionally vent my joys, frustrations, and project updates via this newsletter.

You can also check out gotojuch.com for more information about my projects past, and present.

Other channels:

Webpage - gotojuch.com

YouTube - @gotojuch

Twitter - @gotojuch


60 Seconds! Reatomized - Robot Gentleman (2019) Game Director, Designer, Writer & Programmer

60 Parsecs! - Robot Gentleman (2018) Game Director, Designer, Writer & Programmer

60 Seconds! - Robot Gentleman (2015) Designer, Writer & Programmer

Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt - CD Projekt RED (2015) AI Programmer

Fable III - Lionhead Studios (2010) Gameplay Programmer

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Writing, design, and ramblings about games and other projects. By Dominik Gotojuch.